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How to Convince My Spouse to Come to Long Island Mediator

How to Convince My Spouse to Come to Long Island Mediator

Despite all the financial and personal benefits of mediation, it’s not always easy to get two spouses on the same page when their marriage is ending. You may understand how advantageous divorce mediation can be, but if your spouse is less familiar with the process, it may be a challenge to get them on board. If you are having trouble convincing your spouse to try mediation, following these steps can help you effectively convince them to give it a shot.

State the Facts
A key factor in persuading your spouse to try mediation is to educate them about the process and the benefits for both of you. Inform your spouse on the ways in which mediation is more affordable, private, and controlled than litigation.

Affordability: Although the price of mediation varies by case, mediation generally costs less than a formal, legal litigation. In mediation, divorcing couples save costs on lawyer fees and retainers, as well as other legal fees by settling without a trial. Additionally, the mediation process is much shorter than litigation, saving you money and time.

Privacy: The mediation process is confidential and provides privacy to those going through a divorce, as opposed to public litigation involving multiple legal personnel in an open courtroom.

Control: In addition to privacy, there’s a personalization aspect of mediation. Mediation helps divorcing couples work together to achieve their specific goals without involving any legal repercussions—such as custody issues—that the legal system may otherwise ensue. It is beneficial to inform your spouse on how mediation can help your specific situation, as well as any unique aspects of your divorce. With mediation, nothing will get out of hand, and the divorcing couple will have greater control over the outcome and terms of their divorce.

Listen to Your Partner
Your partner may have qualms and reservations regarding mediation, and it is important to listen to them and respond to their concerns. Be prepared to answer any questions they may have and make sure to have the conversation about mediation in a calm and respectful manner. Creating a hostile situation will not convince your spouse to try mediation. By effectively communicating with your partner and taking their viewpoint into consideration, you and your spouse can come together to decide what is best for you.

Take Your Time
It is important not to force the concept of mediation upon your partner and avoid frustration and pressure. Take time to introduce your partner to mediation and how it could be applied to all aspects of your divorce, such as financial and custodial disagreements. Calm conversations about what will most benefit your particular situation play an essential role in convincing your spouse to try mediation.

It is important for you and your spouse to work together in order to minimize the pain and stress of divorce process and doing so may involve mediation. By being logical, compassionate, and patient, you can effectively convince your spouse to try mediation as opposed to litigation. Contact us to learn more about the mediation process and the strategies that you can use to help your spouse understand the benefits.

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