Child Custody in Divorce Mediation on Long Island, Suffolk County, NY

Children’s Custody in Divorce Mediation on Long Island

Most, but not all parents, value their roles as parents and want to be good parents to their children. Then divorce rears it’s ugly head. We have no-fault divorce on Long Island which means that if one Spouse wants to get a divorce, it will happen. So divorce happens and now it is harder to be good parents to those children.

Years ago, one parent would be awarded custody of the children. The other parent became the every-other-weekend parent – not the primary parent. Times have changed and with it, attitudes about child custody in New York. Now, it is usual for both parents to step forward and insist on joint legal child custody. The Judges now accept this choice.

So on Long Island, most divorcing couples, especially if they are divorcing through divorce mediation on Long Island, choose joint legal custody. But Child Custody has two aspect: legal and residential. Legal Child Custody refers to making major decisions about the child’s life. Residential Custody refers to where the children live most of the time.

Most couples divorcing on Long Island choose joint legal custody with one parent having the residential choice. However, most couples decide to split more of the children’s time than in the past.

The ultimate, of course, is half and half time. Even when one parent has the children for the majority of the time, the other parent stays in touch via text and cell phone. The days of the isolated non-custodial parent are mostly in the past.  Ordinarily the residential custodial parent’s home address is the address for the child’s school enrollment.

Children’s Custody is one of the major issues to be negotiated during Divorce Mediation on Long Island. For an in-depth look at some of the possibilities, read child custody arrangements.

Successful Child Custody in Long Island Divorce Mediation,, Suffolk County, NY makes sure that children have two parents.
Successful Child Custody in Long Island Divorce Mediation makes sure that children have two parents.

During divorce mediation at the Long Island Center, child support is a major issues, to be negotiated right along with custody.


One of the benefits of a mediated divorce rather than a litigated one is that you have much more flexibility in making the Child Support numbers fit your circumstances. We, of course, highly recommend Divorce Mediation on Long Island as it is faster, less expensive, less stressful and family friendly. It will help your children as compared to a litigated divorce.

Given the involvement of both divorced parents in the raising of their children, and their cooperation, children of divorce do very well. However, when the divorced parents continue to struggle with each other and the children are pulled into the mix, there are problems.

Even when the custody is joint and the support works, the children are at risk to develop behavioral and emotional problems. Therefore, we highly recommend that when couples go through Divorce Mediation on Long Island, that they force themselves to work out their differences for the sake of the children. We, ourselves offer post-divorce counseling sessions to family members who have gone through divorce mediation on Long Island.

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