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214 Vanderbilt Loop
Yaphank, NY

Typical Yaphank Old Victorian

Divorce Mediation Yaphank, NY – In January 2018, the Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation opened a second office – in Yaphank, NY.

Our intent is to bring the same divorce mediation practice to Yaphank. At Yaphank, we offer a full range of divorce mediation services including child custody spousal support.

Yaphank is a tiny hamlet, and yet it is only half an hour from central Suffolk and from parts of the east end. Our divorce mediation Yaphank office is right off Exit 68 of the Expressway. Directions are available here.

Services Offered at our Divorce Mediation Yaphank Office

Clients first come to a Free Consultation or Free First Session. They learn about their rights, about how divorce mediation works and about the general rulings of the Courts. When ready, clients start conflict resolution divorce mediation sessions to work out their divorcing agreements.

They work toward agreement regarding child support and custody, support for spouses, property and other financial assets, the house, the pensions, debt, and insurance. We help couples work out the two aspects of custody – legal and residential, as well as visitation and holiday schedules. Then we move on to focus on how the house will be handled, all other financial assets and liabilities including the cars, and of course, healthcare. We help couples decide how to tell the children and how to transition through this change process – how do the bills get paid during the divorcing process, when does the house go up for sale, or when does one person formally buy the other out, when do the cars and pensions get transferred, etc.

At our divorce mediation Yaphank office, we help you divorce in a far more peaceful way than by going to two lawyers and fighting it out. What is more, it costs less and is far less stressful. Your children benefit from a calmer more peaceful atmosphere. You end your marriage in a far better way than through litigation.

Our Other Services at Our Divorce Mediation Yaphank Office

Our other services include Quadros to split pensions, wills, co-parenting counseling and divorce/post-divorce counseling.

Read about divorce mediation on our Divorce Mediation Long Island page, as well as on our About Us page. Watch our video of the Divorce Mediation Process.

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