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Long Island Divorce Mediation Suffolk County NY - In Suffolk County Divorce Mediation Long Island is an alternative to Divorce Litigation - Fighting it Out in the Courts.
Divorce Litigation; After Months of Fighting it Out in the Courts
Long Island Divorce Mediation Suffolk County NY - On Long Island divorce mediation is handled by our Long Island divorce mediators who help you reach divorce agreements in less time, with less stress and less cost.
Long Island Divorce Mediation Suffolk County, > Working It Out With LESS STRESS.

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What Stage Are You at in the Divorcing Process?

People contact us at the Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation, Suffolk County at different stages of divorce.

Do you need information about the on Long Island Divorce Mediation process? Do you have questions about your rights and obligations in divorcing or separating? Are you wondering what would be the result if you litigated your divorce rather than mediating it? Do you need suggestions for how to approach your spouse if you have not already done so? Are you and your soon-to-be former spouse ready to start the mediation process?

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Here are the Need-To-Know Questions Most of Our Clients Ask – and We Answer:

1. “What is Divorce Mediation Long Island?”

In ending your marriage through mediation, you and your spouse decide your own divorce without getting involved with two expensive lawyers, a Judge, and the Courts. In mediation, you and your spouse meet with an on Long Island divorce mediator.

With the mediator’s help and guidance, the two of you work through such issues as child custody and child support, financial agreements, spousal support, the house, debts and pensions. You end your marriage as amicably as possible with far less cost, time and struggle. Issues to mediate include:

* Child Custody and Child Support
* Distribution of Financial Assets and Liabilities
* Property, Including the House
* Spousal Support
* Pensions, Taxes and Debt

(To learn more, call for a FREE CONSULT, 631-757-1553 – LI Center for Divorce Mediation  Long Island, NY).


2. “Should I Choose Divorce Litigation or Divorce Mediation?”

In Divorce Litigation, after spending much time, much money and enduring extreme stress, you and your spouse will still have to reach agreement to finish the divorce

In working with a Divorce Mediator Suffolk County,  you will most likely reach a better agreement – with FAR LESS TIME, FAR LESS MONEY and FAR LESS STRESS.

Why will you reach a better agreement in Mediation? Because you remain in control of the process. In Divorce Litigation, you give up control to the Lawyers and the Courts. Often, at the end, the Judge will dictate the final Agreement between you.

In Divorce Mediating, we, as Long Island Divorce Mediators, can help you customize solutions to fit your unique circumstances.

Since New York State has no-fault divorce, if one of you wants a divorce, it will happen. Divorce Mediating is the less expensive, less stressful and faster way.
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3. “What  Are My Rights in Divorce?”

Many people don’t realize that there are laws and guidelines that determine many of the divorce issues handled during mediation ny. For instance:

• Child Custody – There are two types of custody, joint (both parents) and sole custody. If you and your Spouse decide on joint custody, either can have residential custody. Residential custody refers to where the children reside most of the week. In a mediated divorce, you and your Spouse can customize this.

• Child Support – Child Support is a set amount, based on the income of the non-residential parent. Of course, if you mediate, both Spouses can agree to vary the amount, depending on circumstances.

• Spousal Support – The Courts have established a formula, based on a number of factors. Again, both Spouses can agree to vary the amount.

• Financial Division of Assets – Anything the two of you earned or acquired during marriage is considered joint property and divideable. There are three exceptions: an inheritance, a personal gift and a personal injury recovery (in most cases).

• Property, including the House – Property, including the House, is considered joint. Whether you sell the house, arrange for one Spouse to remain, one of you buy the other out – your Long Island Divorce Mediator will help you figure out the best strategy for your situation.

• Pensions – Whatever you accumulate in your pension during the marriage is considered joint property and dividable. Again, you and your Spouse can vary this in Divorce Mediation Suffolk County, depending on your financial picture.

To learn more about your rights and the issues in divorce mediation Long Island, call for a FREE CONSULT, 631-757-1553.


4. “What Are the Steps of the Divorce Mediation Process?”

In brief, there are three parts to the Mediation Process.

• The Divorce Mediating Sessions – Your Long Island Divorce Mediator guides you and your Spouse through each issue until you reach agreement. In our Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation ‘near me’, we help you reach an agreement within an average of two sessions. 98% of our mediations succeed to completion. Our expertise as mediators guides you through the rough spots.

• The Stipulation of Settlement – Once the Mediation Sessions are complete, our lawyer drafts your agreement. It is a contract between you, laying out the terms of the divorce. It is called the Stipulation of Settlement.

• The Divorce Packet – Our Lawyer drafts the Packet, composed of approximately 20 pages of documents that the Courts require in order to grant you a legal divorce.

Once the Stipulation of Settlement and the Packet are approved by you, and signed, these documents are submitted to the Judge to sign. When that happens, you are legally divorced.

To learn more abouta mediated divorce, call for a FREE CONSULT, 631-757-1553, at the LI Center for Divorce Mediation Long Island, NY.


5. “What If I Want a Legal Separation?”

Some couples want a Legal Separation. One key reason is that usually the Spouse with the health insurance can keep the other Spouse on the policy. That is not possible once a Legal Divorce is in place. Our Mediating process can result in a Legal Separation if you choose.

(To learn about obtaining a Legal Separation rather than a divorce, please call. We offer a free initial session. 631-757-1553)


6. “What If I Believe That My Spouse Will Never Agree to Go to a Long Island Divorce Mediator ?”

If your Spouse absolutely refuses to cooperate into coming to Divorce Mediating, you will seek out a litigation attorney and sue your Spouse for Divorce. However, if you really want to end your marriage, most Spouses will eventually agree to Mediation – given the high cost of Litigation and the unpredictability of the results in the Court.

Once you have started divorcing, it is our expertise as divorce mediators that will help the two of you reach an agreement, even when there is a lot of conflict and anger.

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7. “Why Should I Choose the Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation Suffolk County, NY?”

Divorce Mediation Long Island:

The question is – which Long Island Divorce Mediation Service to use? Who is the best Long Island divorce mediator for you? Not an easy choice as there are many. Here is why we recommend ourselves – why we believe we stand out from the crowd:

Our Long Island divorce mediator Experience – 25 years ago, we recognized that Mediation was a far better alternative than divorcing by going to two lawyers and the Courts, and fighting it out.

Long Island Divorce Mediation Suffolk County – So we trained as divorce mediators and opened the first Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation Suffolk County. Now we have 25 years of experience under our belts. We have mediated every situation imaginable.

And 98% of our cases complete the Mediation process. Only a handful go to Court – only when one Spouse absolutely refuses to compromise. The end result – usually that Spouse ends up getting less from the Judge.

We are experienced enough that we, as your Long Island divorce mediators take, on the average, two meetings to complete the mediation process – as compared to those mediators who sell you a package of 5 to 10 sessions.

Our Professional Backgrounds:

Fred Klarer – My partner, Fred Klarer, Esq. is a Long Island Divorce Mediation Attorney iwith 35 years of experience. Before starting the Long Island Center, he trained as a on Long Island Divorce Mediator .

Fred, a Harvard Law Graduate and former Buddhist Monk, is expert in Divorce and Divorce Law – child custody and child support, spousal support, and asset distribution including the house, debt and your pensions.

Given Fred’s experience in the Divorce Courts in Nassau and Suffolk, he can tell you what to expect if you go to two separate lawyers. His experience will  guide you to a far better Long Island divorce mediation solution.

As a Long Island divorce mediation attorney , Fred is amazing at helping clients reach agreements that work. Clients tell Fred that he is soothing and calm, non-judgmental and very wise.

Diane Kramer – I, Dr. Diane Kramer, am a clinical psychologist, licensed in NY State since 1974. My specialty is both Marriage and Family Therapy and Mediation. In the 90s, I trained as a Long Island divorce mediator.

Clients tell me that I am knowledgeable, trustworthy, calming and am highly effective in conflict resolution. I am expert at helping children and families through ending the marriage onto a happier future.

My skills set me up to help you and your Spouse through the difficult issues, while calming stress, anger or anxiety. I am excellent at not taking sides and am an expert in the emotional stages of divorce. I make sure that both Spouses get heard and power is balanced.  I think out of the box and help you and your Spouse reach an agreement that works.

Our Personal Pasts – We, Diane and Fred, the Directors of the Long Island of the Divorce Mediation Long Island Center, are married to each other for many years. Both of us divorced our first Spouses a long time ago.

We went through what you are going through now and so we understand. Our understanding is one of the factors that will help you when the going gets difficult.

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8. “What are the Costs at the LI Center for Divorce Mediation Long Island?”

Please contact us for a quote. Costs vary based on the complexity of your situation – from approximately $2000 to under $5000.


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Divorce Mediation Long Island: Mediating is less expensive, faster, and less grief for everyone.

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