How We Stand As An Unbiased 3rd Party

How We Stand As An Unbiased 3rd Party

Through the clarity of an unbiased perspective, our supportive divorce mediation team is able to guide couples toward a fair and reasonable separation or divorce. Even though our expertise is rooted in factual reasoning and legal equality, we still believe that acknowledging and respecting both parties’ emotional needs is vital to the process.

With the ideal balance of understanding and decades of legal expertise, our team’s commitment to compromise can save you time, money, and additional heartache.  

Since separation and divorce are often supercharged with sensitive and heated emotions, our goal as neutral advisors is to establish a calm and judgment-free atmosphere. As long as both parties are willing to discuss each other’s terms, our judgment-free support is the fastest and most affordable way to reach an agreeable split.

Discussions That Revolve Around Facts & Needs Can Reduce Tension

Through divorce mediation that hones in on the facts and needs of each party, solution-oriented plans that protect the interests of both parties are the more likely outcome. Rather than dwelling on the pain and emotional baggage that can often cloud clear decision-making or lead to prolonged fighting in court, our organized approach diffuses tension, minimizes future complications, and costs significantly less than traditional divorce or separation proceedings.  

During our neutral sessions, we can successfully help you achieve a more peaceful path to separation or divorce with comprehensive divorce mediation support that includes: 

  • Detailed explanations of all divorce/separation-related laws.
  • Assistance with all legal documentation and requirements to complete the process correctly.
  • All relevant topics are addressed; we will discuss and agree upon important details like asset division, child support, and other necessary topics. 
  • Complete agreement drafting & submission once both parties have agreed to the terms.
  • Ongoing communication with the courts/judges; you will never need to visit a courtroom with our affordable guidance. 

Partner With Long Island Divorce To Simplify Your Separation Or Divorce 

When you meet with our advisors, expect to be treated with courtesy and a willingness to adapt to your unique circumstances. Legal details are complicated, and our extensively experienced team understands that much of the tension often stems from the confusing and expensive process itself. We aim to alleviate all facets of turbulence by explaining everything clearly and guiding you through each topic with a structured plan.

Additionally, with our years of unbiased service, we provide a significant advantage when it comes to untangling complex subjects. Our adept advisors have provided a fair and amicable framework for better managing deeply entangled financials, shared child responsibilities, and many other daunting subjects that can become a source of contention. 

If overcoming challenging topics peacefully and reaching a fair divorce agreement without the courts sounds like the better solution, contact our experts and benefit from our unbiased support today. 

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