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A Breakdown of Child Custody Determination In The State of NY

A Breakdown of Child Custody Determination In The State of NY

Custody rulings in New York are determined by lifestyle factors that promote a child’s best interest. Unlike dated custody proceedings of the past that heavily favored mothers, New York child custody law now revolves around a parent’s ability to provide a safe, supportive, and balanced arrangement for their children. 

Which Factors Influence Custody Decisions?

To reach a fair custody determination, many subjects are carefully weighed. Rather than basing a final decision on a single factor like income, fair custody determinations evaluate the many interconnected factors as a whole. 

Here are examples of common variables that can affect the final decision: 

  • Which parent has served as the primary caretaker? A parent who is regularly present, emotionally capable, and actively involved in the child’s life may gain favor. 
  • How stable is each parent? This can include having a stable home environment, reliable transportation, or organized childcare arrangements. Perception of stability can also be influenced by a parent’s mental health status, a history of alcohol or substance abuse, and other factors like physical health and age. 
  • Can the parent support the child financially? In the same vein as stability, financial well-being is an important determining factor in the overall quality of life for children.
  • What does the child prefer? A child’s input can significantly influence the final decision, especially when older children can express their desires and reasons for wanting to live with one parent over another. 
  • And other important considerations as they relate to each family’s unique situation.

Of course, determining which parent will better provide for a child is rarely a cut-and-dry situation. There are many overlapping lifestyle considerations, and reaching a fair custody decision can quickly lead to a court battle when both parties feel that they are the “better” provider. 

Avoid a Custody Battle With Divorce Mediation

Any one of these tense child custody topics can easily snowball into a heated legal battle without the proper guidance. While it’s impossible to avoid conflict entirely, you would be hard-pressed to find a divorced couple that was glad they invested their time, money, and energy into traditional court proceedings. 

To reach an amicable custody decision that is better for both parties, our balanced approach to divorce mediation can alleviate the majority of custody-related tension. Instead of building a case against your partner, we work together as a collaborative team to create a plan that honors the needs of all parties and adheres to New York child custody laws. 

By choosing divorce mediation to reach a fair custody decision, our unbiased advisors provide: 

  • Complete support with all legal documentation and court communication
  • A calm and informative atmosphere to develop a fair child custody agreement
  • Affordable resolutions; divorce mediation costs a fraction of typical court proceedings

To avoid the fight and achieve a mutually-beneficial custody decision, get in touch with our experienced advisors at Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation for an informative consultation today. 

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