How Mediation Can Save You Stress

How Mediation Can Save You Stress

The word ‘divorce’ often makes people cringe. It has an inherently negative connotation, despite being useful and helpful. It can also be very expensive, and both partners might not be able to afford a lawyer, putting one at an unfair advantage. To ensure a mutually beneficial agreement for finances, assets, and custody without pulling your hair out, a divorce mediator in Nassau County is the best alternative.

Unbiased Third Party

Venting to friends and family can only be helpful to an extent, especially if you and your partner are very close to each other’s families. Forcing people to take sides and getting caught up in the ‘he said, she said’ is unfortunately all too common. Using a mediator allows an unbiased third party to help both sides work through their frustration without causing harm to anyone else, whether it was intended or not. It is important to act as one unit where both sides can be heard and understood. Everyone is on the same page this way.

The Point of Mediation

Mediation is by design a means of settling conflict, negotiating, problem-solving, and even relationship mending. It uses principles of psychology but it’s not a therapy session. Mediation is interactive, conversation is encouraged, and both parties need to be engaged in the decision-making process for a resolution to be met. The idea is that by having both parties make decisions together they have control over the outcome of the divorce. Mediators can’t make decisions, but they will offer advice, solutions, and reframe issues to help both parties think clearly and better understand their partner’s perspective.

Unresolved Stress Is Bad for Your Health

Having unresolved stress can be harmful to your physical and mental health, which can make the entire divorce process even more miserable. It can also exacerbate any existing health conditions that may affect one’s ability to communicate effectively, think clearly, and attend sessions and hearings. Even without pre-existing conditions, all the stress brought on by handling the divorce can have long-term negative consequences on one’s health. Divorce mediators aren’t doctors or miracle workers, but they are here to help both partners to the best of their ability.

To learn more about how divorce mediation can help you and your partner work through this difficult experience, contact Long Island Divorce Mediation online or by phone.

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