How To Prepare To Go To Divorce Mediation

How To Prepare To Go To Divorce Mediation

Divorce is a stressful and almost taboo subject. It’s often associated with loud, drawn-out arguments and families being torn apart. Unfortunately, this dramatic imagery is sometimes reflected in reality. But going through divorce mediation can significantly minimize the inevitable frustration you will experience during this trying time.

Bring the Necessary Paperwork

Do you have a prenup? If not you’ll need to agree upon the division of assets. Whether you answered yes or no you will still need to be able to provide the following information: taxes, any debt information, and if you have a prenup, the information on that. You should also have the information revolving around accounts such as retirement, checking, savings, etc. If there is any other information you feel may be helpful you can provide it as well. It isn’t necessary to have copies of all this information, but if you want to make sure you have everything you need, you can make copies for personal references. 


Divorce mediation in Long Island can make the process of getting divorced easier, but that doesn’t mean your health won’t still be affected by it all. Seeing a therapist can help you cope with your individual concerns and find useful, creative ways to manage your stress levels and temperament.  It provides a safe space for you to identify any triggers that may come up during mediation and find ways to manage your emotions while effectively communicating your thoughts. Find ways to relax, eat healthy, and keep a regular sleep schedule. These things may sound obvious but when put to the test they can become much harder to do.

Healthy Communication

Being able to communicate your thoughts is important, but there are constructive ways and destructive ways of doing it. As kids, we learn to use ‘I statements’ during conflict resolution and there’s great wisdom to that. Consider how helpful it will be to say ‘I feel angry when you say that’ compared to ‘Hearing you talk like that makes me so angry’. Divorce mediation doesn’t concern itself with which one of you is the bad guy so trying to place blame will draw out meetings. It also fails to communicate your needs. If there are things you want to address in the meetings write them down ahead of time and frame your language in a way that clearly states what you want to say without making out to be the bad guy or the victim.

Use Trusted Professionals

Above all, have your divorce mediation with Long Island divorce lawyers,  being supported by a proven history and great reputation. We have been serving the Long Island, NY community for over twenty-five years.  To learn more about the services we offer at our divorce center, contact us today by email or phone.  

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