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How Mediation Can Help You Get Through Your Divorce

How Mediation Can Help You Get Through Your Divorce

It’s natural to feel alone when going through a divorce. Your marriage is ending and your family is going to be divided. People you were once close to may be caught up in picking sides. Having a divorce mediator can alleviate some of that loneliness, stress, and frustration.

Know You’re Heard

Discussions related to divorce proceedings can often lead to arguments. At times you may feel like you’re not being listened to. Having a divorce mediator ensures that your concerns can be expressed to the fullest extent; we are here to listen to both of you and establish mutually beneficial terms. The objective is to reach common goals and prevent any party from financially or emotionally domineering the process. Everyone needs to demonstrate a little flexibility here.

Legal Professional

Laws around marriage, divorce, custody, and inheritance can vary by state. It’s natural to be confused because of this, as well as the legal terminology. It’s also natural to worry about making a poor decision because of all the terminology involved. Long Island mediators are lawyers who are well-versed in all of these areas of the law. They can help you understand the entire process in layman’s terms. 

Sense of Control

Going through divorce can make everything feel chaotic, unstable, and uncertain.  As divorce mediators we can’t make any decisions for you, we can only offer suggestions.  This puts the power back in your hands. You have far more say in the outcome when using mediators than you would by going through the standard divorce procedure. You have the ability to broker better long term solutions with your spouse.

Offer Privacy

When happens in divorce mediation, stays in divorce mediation. There is no going on public record to share personal and financial information in court. Topics like infidelity, abuse, irresponsible handling of finances, and parenting will come up in conversations with a divorce mediator. However, that private information is confidential.

What We Offer

We understand that divorce is never pleasant though sometimes it’s necessary. That’s why we at the Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation proudly offer our services to Huntington, Yaphank, Suffolk County, Hauppauge, Hampton Bays, Riverhead, Rocky Point, Ronkonkoma, Selden & Nassau Counties. To learn more about how divorce mediation in Long Island can help you through these difficult times, contact us via phone or email and schedule your appointment today.

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