A Walk Through of Divorce Mediation

A Walk Through of Divorce Mediation

Planning for the changes that come with a divorce is a difficult process. With over 30 years of experience helping our clients overcome the hurdles of divorce, our goal is to help you achieve a balanced compromise that you can both agree to. 

Our divorce mediation process is simple; instead of months in court, excessive lawyer fees, or legal delays that can drag a divorce out for years, our seamless mediation process results in amicable divorce after a few guided sessions. We will help you understand your options, create a plan of action, and draft a carefully constructed divorce agreement that takes into account the wellbeing, finances, and quality of life of everyone involved.

We Focus on the Facts

While it’s important to address and recognize the emotional aspects involved in any painful separation, we promote a neutral space so that all of the important details can be discussed in an unbiased and factual manner. Our divorce mediation team will never take sides and are simply here to help you resolve your issues by helping you decide on a fair path forward. During our free first session, we will discuss important topics such as: 

  • Discuss Options for Financial Division & Child Support Obligations
  • Legal Aspects of the New York Separation & Divorce Process
  • Quality of Life Considerations; Discuss Living Arrangements, Child Transportation, etc…
  • Our Transparent Pricing & Details on How We Manage the Entire Process


We Ensure That Every Important Detail is Addressed

During our balanced mediation sessions, our detailed processes simplify the complex considerations involved with the division of finances, property, and child care needs. As a neutral third party, we focus on maintaining the balance of power during the discussions, because at the end of the day, the most important aspect of separation is that everyone has their basic needs and desires respected. We’ll address the facts and considerations that affect your daily lives and outline a simple plan that promotes an agreeable transition into the future. 

Before we create a divorce agreement, we’ll outline everything you need to organize and account for on your end. To draft a fair agreement, we must have a clear understanding of your living situation, finances, and other lifestyle considerations. This may include planning child care around your work schedules, dividing financial and property assets to support long-term spousal or child needs, and creating a plan to manage other obligations like debts or home refinancing if you share a mortgage. 

We Manage All of the Paperwork

When you partner with us to achieve a fair separation through divorce mediation in Yaphank, you can expect clear communication and expertly managed legal paperwork. We will create a detailed agreement that includes every detail we have discussed, and when all paperwork is reviewed, signed, and notarized,  submit all documentation on your behalf. 

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