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How Mediation Can Structure Good Co-Parenting

How Mediation Can Structure Good Co-Parenting

Developing a fair and balanced parenting plan may feel like an insurmountable challenge when facing the complex emotional, financial, and lifestyle changes that come with a divorce or separation. When children are involved, it’s especially imperative to define a well-structured parenting plan; clearly-defined parental roles and an organized co-parenting plan supports a child’s needs, emotional wellbeing, and provides the healthy foundation required to move forward with family values intact. 

How Mediation Supports Successful Family Transitions

Achieving an amicable separation or divorce comes down to fair compromise and realistic decisions based on the facts of your situation. As a neutral divorce mediation attorney in Long Island, we will help you design a balanced legal agreement that supports and respects the interests of everyone involved. We take the time to understand the true needs and desires of each of our clients and only move forward with a thoughtful plan of action once we have a clear understanding of your family goals, essential needs, and hopes for the next chapter of your life. 

While helping you organize a realistic path forward, our neutral third-party setting allows you to discuss the terms of your separation or divorce with calm guidance, clearly structured steps to make it happen, and prevents the complications that come with lengthy court proceedings. While navigating the considerations involved with your child custody decisions, we discuss and reach an agreement about important subjects, such as: 

  • Child Living Considerations: Where will the children live, and for how long?
  • Child Support Considerations: How will the children’s financial needs be met? 
  • Education/Welfare Considerations: How will the children get to school or extracurricular activities?
  • Legal Considerations: We discuss NY custody laws, considerations involved with moving out of state, and other factors that may affect the terms of a child custody agreement.
  • & Other Essential Considerations That Ensure a Fair Compromise is Achieved

We Manage All of the Legal Paperwork 

Along with the supportive and unbiased environment we provide, our experienced mediators assist with every last legal detail involved with a separation or divorce. We will help you prepare all of the important documents, ensure that every child custody topic is covered in the separation/divorce agreements, and handle all of the legal requirements with the county/courts on your behalf. You will never have to step foot in a court, seek the guidance of another attorney, and can expect to receive a finalized separation or divorce in less time, for less money. 

Positive Outcomes Are the Number One Goal

Nothing motivates our solution-oriented mediators more than helping our clients achieve a peaceful resolution in which everyone feels valued and listened to throughout the entire process. We know how stressful the traditional court processes can be and hope that with our compassionate guidance and genuine passion for minimizing the hurdles of separation, you and your family will have the tools you need to make a healthy transition founded on fairness and peaceful compromise. 

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