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How Mediation Can Speed Up the Process and Avoid Court

How Mediation Can Speed Up the Process and Avoid Court

In the midst of a stressful and emotionally charged divorce, it is rarely beneficial to prolong the process. Unlike the lengthy and costly proceedings that come with your traditional litigation battle, we prefer the expedited and less expensive route. 

To many couples’ surprise, there are many options when approaching divorce or legal separation. If you and your partner are willing to discuss and agree to the terms of your divorce, you do not need to hire separate attorneys or spend months in court! Instead of spending thousands on private lawyers, building cases against each other, and fighting over assets and custody rights, all elements of divorce/legal separation can be streamlined through divorce mediation. 

How Divorce Mediation Works

Through a neutral third-party process, also known as divorce mediation, you, your spouse, and our unbiased mediator work together to create a fair divorce or separation agreement. 

Your time is precious, and our organized guidance helps you get to the facts of your situation and develop a plan that works for both of you in less time. In fact, the average divorce mediation process can be completed in weeks, with only a few in-person sessions required before documentation is finalized. Why spend months in court and waste thousands of dollars on avoidable legal expenses when you can complete the entire process in a few collaborative sessions instead? 

First, we walk you through the details and have you sign a mediation agreement to acknowledge your understanding of the process. After the initial consultation and signing, we help you gather all necessary documentation and relevant disclosure information (such as proof of shared assets) required to complete the process. 

After ironing out the details of each relevant topic, we draft the legal agreement, encourage you to review the information, and submit the signed documentation to the courts on your behalf. Before any information is signed or finalized, you have the right to review the information with a private attorney if you are uncertain about any of the details. 

Why Choose Divorce Mediation Over Traditional Divorce Processes? 

By choosing our experienced mediators over traditional court litigation, you can build a divorce agreement that is rooted in fair compromise, not the unpredictable outcomes that can arise from litigation and court-ordered decisions. 

Divorce mediation is a completely legal option, and is perhaps the best way to retain control of the divorce outcome. In addition to retaining greater control over the situation, our mediation process is structured to be efficient and affordable. With Long Island Divorce simplifying your divorce or legal separation, you can expect to:

  • Save time
  • Spend significantly less
  • Minimize stress
  • Arrive at a fair agreement that is better for everyone involved

The only caveat is the ability or willingness of both of you to agree to the mediation process. For example, if abuse, disagreement, or another personal issue obstructs the path to mediation, traditional court processes or arbitration may be your best option. 

As long as you and your spouse are willing to discuss and agree to each other’s terms, you will never need to step foot inside a courtroom. After organizing and finalizing the agreement, our team handles every submission detail on your behalf. Once the court approves the agreement, your divorce or legal separation is complete. 

Have questions about our processes or want to learn more about the benefits of divorce mediation? Our informative consultations are 100% free and discreet. 


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