How Divorce Mediation Can Save You Time

How Divorce Mediation Can Save You Time

Traditional divorce processes can consume months of your valuable time. And, while facing something as emotionally draining and potentially turbulent as a stressful divorce, prolonging the process is the last thing anyone wants. Unknown to many, you do not have to go to court and fight for your fair share in a drawn-out legal battle. 

Divorce mediation is a legal, efficient, and oftentimes, the more peaceful alternative to traditional divorce. Instead of hiring private lawyers and building a case against your partner, our divorce mediators in Nassau County provide a neutral and compromise-focused space to work through the details of your divorce or separation calmly and reasonably. As long as you and your spouse are willing to discuss and agree to each other’s terms, arriving at an amicable agreement and finalizing your divorce paperwork can be accomplished in weeks

Here’s how our unbiased guidance can help you save time, and hopefully, resolve some of the stress, frustration, or worries you may have.  

Divorce Mediation Supports Clear Decision Making

Our structured and fact-oriented guidance gets to the heart of each individual’s needs and desires without the need for aggressive court tactics. Back-and-forth courtroom litigation is the main reason typical divorce takes so long, and we strive to prevent that by facilitating a calm and sensible discussion that is more likely to end in a fair resolution. By focusing on the facts and working together to achieve a compromise, we can create a mutually-beneficial divorce agreement in only a few meaningful sessions.  

Divorce Mediation Prevents Stressful Scheduling Conflicts

Judge availability and court hearing timelines are unpredictable. Combine the complexity of managing a work life and child care responsibilities with making it to the courtroom on time and you have a recipe for additional stress and a schedule that’s spiraling out of control. 

As simple as scheduling an appointment at the spa, the entire divorce mediation process takes about 3-4 sessions on average. It’s the better alternative for busy lifestyles, ease of time management, and gaining a visible path to the finish line while saving thousands of dollars in the process. 

Organized Divorce Mediation Streamlines the Process

Our experienced divorce lawyer in Suffolk County manages all legal requirements on your behalf. In addition to arriving at a fair compromise in less time, we expedite the legal steps by providing: 

  • Factual separation and divorce education; understanding the legality regarding sensitive subjects like child custody and asset division minimizes the potential for disagreement
  • Drafting and explanations of all divorce documentation; After we finalize the agreement, we will explain each clause in detail before you and your partner agree to the terms
  • Comprehensive submission support; we submit all legal documents and communicate with the courts on your behalf. You will never need to step foot inside a courtroom with our full-service support by your side 

To learn more about the many ways our unbiased team can help, contact our experienced mediators for a free and informative consultation today. 

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