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Links For Useful Divorce Mediation Information

Useful Divorce Mediation Information For You

Learn more about divorce mediation by clicking the links below. Discover general divorce mediation information, tax information,  information on child support, and useful mediation organizations.


www.mediate.com: This site lists over 3,500 alternate dispute resolution professionals in the Mediate.com Directory. You will find more than 5,000 articles and resources on mediation, negotiation and collaboration. You will find written articles as well as videos.

www.divorcesource.com: A state specific divorce web site providing information and referrals for people facing and experiencing issues revolving around divorce, separation, child custody, support, alimony, family law and separation.

www.divorcehq.com: This site provides information on alimony, child and spousal support, child custody, separation, and finding divorce mediators and attorneys.


//www.irs.gov/publications/p504 – Read this publication to learn about the tax rules that apply when you and your spouse are separated or divorced. The publication explains general filing information, to use to select your filing status. It also is useful for deciding which exemptions, including dependents, you are entitled to claim when separated or divorced.


www.newyorkchildsupport.com: In this article, you will learn about assistance for getting medical insurance coverage and financial support. It will help the custodial parent to locate parents, confirm paternity, get support orders and child support payments.


www.nyscdm.org: The New York State Council on Divorce Mediation is a non-profit organization. It’s mission is to promote excellent professional standards of divorce mediation.

Family and Co-Parenting Therapy

www.marriagecounseling-longisland.com – Dr. Diane Kramer is both a mediator and a marriage and family therapist. She provides co-parenting sessions for married, divorcing, separated or divorced parents.

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