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Fred Klarer, Esq., Head of Our Divorce Mediators

Fred Klarer -- chief divorce mediator, Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation in Yaphank and Huntigton
Fred Klarer — chief divorce mediator, Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation in Yaphank and Huntigton


I was educated at Harvard College and Harvard Law School. I have has been a practicing attorney for over thirty years. Before Harvard I spent seven years as a Buddhist monk, including a three year meditation retreat.

The calm, insight, and patience that I continue to develop in my life-long practice of meditation is the base of my mediation process. I help couples whose lives are going in different directions. I help them figure out how to part ways in a fashion that leads to a positive future for themselves and their children.


My goal in divorce mediation is to help two people whose marriage is coming to an end to settle up the past, deal with the present, and create a future.

If you have children, you don’t ever divorce them. You and your former wife or husband will be parents for the rest of your lives. It is really important, both for you, and for your children, that the future offers more promise than the failures of the past.

If you don’t have children, mediation is still a way to end what has fallen apart in a way that is respectful to each of you. In that way you can move forward into a new life without the bitterness that can often accompany divorce.

Expertise and Experience

I have over twenty years of daily experience of divorce and Family Court litigation as a divorce lawyer in Nassau County and Suffolk County. Prior to that I practiced corporate and business law in midtown Manhattan. Those years of negotiating and structuring business transactions gives me a very different perspective on divorce from most other divorce attorneys. A good deal is one that is clearly negotiated, so that each side benefits. couple throw away time and money in fighting with each other. It is better to simple look at the interests of each of you, and of your children, and structure a future that benefits everyone.

Years of daily experience in the Nassau and Suffolk divorce and family law courts have given me a keen sense of how a case is likely to come out. That allows me to cut right to the center of the issues and seek a solution. That is the essence of a successfully mediated divorce. It save time, it saves money, and it reduces the stress and grief.


  • Taught Divorce Mediation as a Continuing Legal Education course for members of the Suffolk County Bar Assocation
  • Taught Mediation to the Long Island Realtors Association
  • Certified by the New York Court System as Mediator
  • Member of the Suffolk County Bar Association
  • Member of the New York State Bar Association
  • Member of the Family Law Section of the New York State Bar Association
  • Member of the Elder Law Section of the New York State Bar Association

About Suffolk County Divorce Mediation at the Long Island Center

I founded the Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation twenty-three years ago to offer my experience to couples contemplating divorce. Mediation allows them to avoid the nightmare of litigation. Litigation goes on and on. You spend more and more money. You take more and more days off of work. You develop more and more stress. And for what? At the end of the day you are bitter, angry, and probably broke. And the result is more or less what the lawyers told you it would be from the outset.

My wife, Diane Kramer, Ph.D., is an experienced psychologist and therapist. She has specialized for years in marital and couples counseling. She is also an experienced divorce mediator. We mediate together, each of us bringing to the mediation session our own experience and expertise.

Because of our unique combination of skill and experience, we are able to bring virtually every couple to a successfully mediated divorce or legal separation. We find that one to three sessions is all it takes. Some couples can mediate all or most of the issues in their divorce during our first session, which is free.

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