Tips For Navigating Life Post-Divorce

Tips For Navigating Life Post-Divorce

Adapting to the life-altering changes that accompany divorce is no small feat. For many, the ending of a marriage closely resembles the grieving process, as losing stability, familiarity, and connection with a spouse can be a catastrophic personal experience. Even for those who feel a sense of relief or happiness for the post-divorce changes, navigating the adjustment period still involves growing pains and stressors while transitioning into the next chapter of life.

Finding Emotional Balance & Facilitating the Healing Process

Acknowledging and addressing emotional needs during the early post-divorce stages lays the foundation for healing and confident steps forward. By processing complex emotions such as sadness, anger, and relief as soon as possible, you lay the groundwork for clearer and more effective decision-making as the post-divorce changes unfold. 

Of course, resolving complex emotions isn’t always simple. If you find that deeply distressing post-divorce concerns have completely overturned your equilibrium, it may be beneficial to consider the following: 

  • Professional counseling to help you navigate grief, anger, and other post-divorce emotions with step-by-step resolutions
  • Starting a new hobby, engaging in community outreach, or joining a support group for singles can help to promote recovery
  • Reaching out to friends and family members who can help you unpack the issues, provide compassionate support, and lend a hand if you need help at home
  • Take action for your health and mental wellness; harness negative energy and turn it into fuel for positive change. Consider joining a new gym, organizing a jogging or cycling exercise plan with your friends, or start cooking healthier meals now that you are free to prepare whatever you feel like! 

Address Practical Matters With an Organized Plan

Trying to manage the plethora of housing, financial, routine, and childcare changes that follow divorce can quickly snowball into an overwhelming experience if attempting to resolve too many issues at once. 

To keep the stress levels at a minimum, it can be helpful to create a list of priority matters that need to be handled. This list might include finding a new health insurance plan, coordinating a new schedule with your babysitter, or contacting utility companies and service providers to inform them of your new address or payment information. Other matters that may need to be addressed include: 

  • Closing joint accounts
  • Removing payment options from shared services
  • Restructuring investments and financial plans
  • Creating a new budget
  • Modifying your lease agreement or refinancing your home if you share a mortgage 
  • Adjusting your work schedule or finding a new job
  • Finding child care 

After organizing a detailed list, take care of the priority topics one item at a time, such as finding a new bank account or a friend who can help with child transportation occasionally. If these are topics your spouse has always handled, it may be a good idea to partner with a trusted financial advisor, friend, or family member who can help you organize and manage each item on your list. 

Simplify Your Post-Divorce Experience With Divorce Mediation

To avoid a myriad of post-divorce challenges, divorce mediation promotes a smoother transition in several ways. Rather than arguing over custody, finances, and who gets what in court, our divorce mediation team collaborates with you and your spouse to organize a plan that revolves around mutual understanding and respect for each other’s needs and wishes. 

Instead of reacting to the judge’s court ruling after the fact, divorce mediation also empowers couples with complete control over the divorce outcome. Before the divorce is finalized, you will know exactly how asset division, child custody, and other relevant details will be handled, allowing you to proactively prepare for the changes to come. The result is an amicable outcome, financial savings, and a clearer plan of action as you transition into your new life.

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