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Questions You May Have About Meditation – Answered

Questions You May Have About Meditation – Answered

If you’re searching for a better alternative to stressful court visits, costly legal representation, or months of feuding following a separation, divorce mediation is a viable option for turning a stressful separation into a peaceful compromise. During divorce mediation, you and your spouse can express feelings and opinions without judgment, reach compromises that are fair for everyone involved, and avoid a range of complications related to traditional divorce proceedings. If you’re wondering if divorce mediation is the right decision for your situation, check out the frequently asked questions below to learn more. 

Do I Need a Separate Lawyer? 

You do not need to hire an outside attorney for a mediation case. When you partner with a divorce lawyer in Long Island, NY to handle your mediation case, every detail of your separation details, legal documentation, and custody decisions are handled in office; no drawn-out lawyer battles or bickering, just calm and fair discussions that lead to fact-based solutions and compromise. 

Do I Need to Schedule Court Dates with Divorce Mediation? 

No, you can successfully avoid stressful courtroom litigation proceedings with divorce mediation. Following divorce mediation discussions and documentation preparation, your divorce settlement is sent to a judge for final approval. 

How Long Does the Divorce Mediation Process Take? 

Many couples complete the divorce mediation process in one or two sessions. Since you are not at the mercy of the court schedules, you can take as long as you need while discussing the details with your spouse and mediator. Once your divorce mediator has all of the information and legal documentation completed, you can expect your finalized divorce within 3-6 months. 

Which Details are Discussed During Mediation? 

Any details related to a fair separation agreement are discussed. Both parties must agree to the terms of the separation, so you can expect to discuss important topics like:

  • Division of Assets: Separation of properties, joint businesses, bank accounts, & other tangible assets
  • Custody Essentials: Decide on fair child care options, child support, & best living situations
  • Discuss Other Relevant Details: We focus on the direct needs of both partners, children, and any family members involved with the separation; this includes school schedule management, transportation needs, and other important details of daily life. 
  • Insurance & Other Obligations: If you receive spousal support for health insurance, share phone providers, or have joint memberships, we can help you decide on fair separation options related to necessary services. 
  • Legal Requirements: A divorce mediator will walk you through every step of the divorce requirements/settlement process, and will guarantee that your settlement is filed properly the first time. 

Is a Divorce Mediator More Affordable Than Traditional Divorce? 

Absolutely. When you partner with a divorce mediator in NY, you can expect to save thousands of dollars on court fees, lawyer bills, and other costs associated with the divorce process.

Along with the cost-savings you’ll experience by working with a divorce mediator, you effectively avoid the most stressful aspects of divorce; no judges and witnesses critiquing your separation, no fighting for compromise through aggressive attorneys, and no long-term wait times when a quick and peaceful separation is all you’re after.

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