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NY Divorce Laws & Their Impact On Your Family

NY Divorce Laws & Their Impact On Your Family
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Divorce involves everyone in the extended family — each of you, your children, your mother and your father. Your sister and your brother, your aunt and your uncle. Your best friend. Your co-workers. There are nothing and no one unaffected by your divorce.

So, what to do about that? The first step to stop — don’t go off in twenty emotional directions at once. Don’t allow the emotions that the break-up of a family generates takes you over. You need to remain in charge, not the emotions that blast through you — or at you from others.

If you are able to stay centered — and reasonably calm — you will have the ability to create the next part of your life. Really — that is what divorce is about. The past is over – we will deal with its consequences for your future, not try to right the wrongs and errors of the past. Divorce is about creating a future — for yourself, for your children, even for your former spouse. With that as a beginning, the entire process of divorce becomes much more manageable.

So now, what is that process? When our clients make an appointment to see us at the Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation in Suffolk County, NY – Huntington or Yaphank – as the first step we carefully explain the process.

  1. First, we will help you make decisions about all issues regarding your children and your finances. That means we will help you figure out how to divide up your assets and liabilities that accumulated during the marriage. We will help you decide on child custody, parenting schedules and child support. While we will inform you of NY State guidelines re divorce, you will not have to follow those guidelines if they do not make sense to the two of you. We will guide you through the best decisions for the two of you and your family.

  2. Once all decisions regarding the divorce have been made, our lawyer, Fred Klarer, Esq., will develop the Stipulation of Settlement or contract between you. You will edit.

  3. Next, Fred will develop the Divorce Packet – legal papers needed in NY State for a legal divorce. You will edit.
  4. Then, you will both come to our office and sign the documents. Fred will take to the Courts. Eventually, a Judge will sign, your Divorce will be recorded at the County Clerk, and you will be legally divorced.

At our divorce mediation center, we make sure your divorce is lower in stress, faster and less costly than traditional divorces. Please give us a call if interested at 631-757-1553. And please read our reviews.


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