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Key Factors To Think About When Choosing A Mediator

Key Factors To Think About When Choosing A Mediator
Diane is Divorce Mediator Psychologist at Long Island Center for Divorce Mediation, Suffolk County

Mediators Suffolk County – Here are my insights into what it takes to be an expert Suffolk County Divorce Mediator. The key factors are those I, myself, would consider if I had to choose from a host of Suffolk County divorce mediators.

As I am always learning and developing as a mediator, I take these factors very seriously.

Length of Experience as Divorce Mediator

My other professional service is Long Island Marriage Counseling Center. It took me years to become an expert in marriage counseling – such that I am really good at predicting the results for couples who come to see me. I am really good at helping those who are committed to making their marriage work.

In the same way, it takes years of experience to become an expert as a divorce mediator. My husband and partner, Fred Klarer, Suffolk County Divorce Mediator, is an expert. He can predict how a case is going to unfold. He has mediated hundreds of cases over 25 years. He has seen it all.

As Fred developed his expertise, he learned how to influence different personalities to make Win/Win deals. At the beginning of his practice, he lost clients because he didn’t have enough experience to bring both sides of a difficult couple to agreement. From experience, he developed the ability to bring many difficult cases to a successful divorce or separation.

If I were choosing a Suffolk County mediator, it would be someone with many years of experience who convinces me that he or she can handle or case.

Mediators Suffolk County, Key Factors to Consider – Mediation Training for Divorce Mediators

I highly recommend finding a mediator who has gone through a mediation training program. But, you might say, can’t a lawyer do mediation without special training? The answer is that some can and some can’t. Why? Divorce lawyers are trained to represent one side against the other. Mediating, where the needs of both Spouses need to be kept in mind, is a very different pattern. If you are going to go to a lawyer mediator, it is safer to find one who has had the divorce mediation training.

And what if you have decided to go to a mediator who is not a lawyer? I have a friend who is a great divorce mediator. She was a real estate agent before becoming a mediator. She has excellent abilities to stay neutral and encourage both sides to make a deal.

Negotiation Skills As a Divorce Mediator

Another key skill for Divorce Mediators is the ability to lead negotiations between two sides to a successful conclusion. That skill is taught in official divorce mediation training. It is needed during the divorce mediation sessions for deciding all issues.

Legal Knowledge, Divorce Mediation, Suffolk County, NY

Divorce Mediation is a method of divorce that allows the spouses to make their own agreements, separate from what the courts would say. However, there are court mandated rules for spousal and child support. There are many decisions made by Judges regarding all divorcing issues.

Knowing the rules and laws for support and for ownership of property solves many divorce mediation problems when the couple is stuck on an issue. Often the spouses will go along with what the Judge might say.

Suffolk County Divorce Mediators, Key Factors to Consider – Experience in the Courts as a Suffolk County Divorce Mediator Attorney

Along with legal knowledge, experience in the courts is a good factor. Why? Often the Judge varies any of the divorce laws and guidelines on a case by case basis. In that case, if the mediator is using the courts as a way of influencing the spouses, the more knowledge the better.

Suffolk County Divorce Mediators, Key Factors to Consider – General Factors – Like and Respect

In all cases, for any kind of professional, including a divorce mediator, one important criteria I use is: Do I like and respect the person? That seems to be the criteria used by Warren Buffet in selecting business partners. It is a good criteria.

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