Divorce Mediation for Working Spouses

Despite the unique challenges involved with your divorce situation, work-life goes on. Whether you are currently searching for work to prepare for the upcoming changes, or you are both employed and have to find a way to split duties like child care and school transportation, achieving a harmonious compromise that preserves the financial security of everyone involved requires a carefully organized plan.  

Minimize the Tension & Reach a Fair Resolution

While planning for any work-related divorce changes may seem relatively straightforward, if you and your spouse share financial responsibilities or take turns caring for the children on days off, navigating these topics can quickly become a source of tension if not handled appropriately. In many instances, these financial conversations progress into drawn-out legal situations that involve months in courts, costly lawyer fees, and long-term family issues or resentment. 

Instead of attempting to manage these dramatic life changes independently, our unbiased divorce mediation team provides a guided and neutral atmosphere to address the most important topics calmly and reasonably. Sometimes overcoming sensitive financial subjects requires a neutral third-party perspective, and with our solution-oriented assistance, we establish fair agreements that respect both sides, while avoiding the concerns that often accompany emotionally-charged divorce proceedings.

How Divorce Mediation Achieves Peaceful Agreements

Ultimately, arriving at a fair compromise comes down to your family’s needs, current and future financial considerations, and the legal requirements involved in the divorce process. We take every aspect of the divorce process while discussing the details with you, and openly address topics like the division of family duties, assets, and ongoing obligations with clearly-defined guidance. 

During our helpful discussions, our experienced mediation lawyers simplify complex topics, such as:

  • Legal Marital Asset Division: The higher income earner is often required to pay the other a % of their annual income. In NY, there is a specific income formula that dictates how much the higher income earner will owe. Factors like the length of the marriage, child support, and other financial considerations affect the current and ongoing financial obligations that will be included in the finalized divorce agreement. 
  • Separate Property Exceptions: Certain assets may not be subject to the legal asset division requirements. For example, if you entered the marriage with an account that was never shared, these assets may be excluded from the division of assets. 
  • Other Legal Topics: We educate our clients on other legal requirements and how they relate to their specific situations. We ensure that all agreements are legally compliant, and protect both parties with equitable fairness the priority. 

Contact Our Mediators to Avoid a Lengthy Dispute

With our all-inclusive divorce mediation services, you never set foot in a courtroom or deal with the complex divorce paperwork alone. After developing a fair divorce agreement, we manage all of the documentation, communicate with the judge/courts, and complete the entire process in only a few factual and productive sessions. Contact our non-judgemental experts to learn more.